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Providing value to caregiving staff and facilities by digitally transforming their operations

Interview with Tsuna Shinnosuke
Sales Division, DG Communications


Business Overview

Established in 1962, we are a comprehensive advertising agency for the real estate industry with a history of about 60 years. DG Communications’ (Digital Garage) main business is sales advertising, product planning support, and consulting for new condominium and detached house development in Japan.

After being part of the DG Group, the business have strengthened our internet advertising and web divisions. 2018 launched the "Open Network Lab Resi-Tech" program to support promising start-ups and promote open innovation. Collaborating with the overall DG Group, the company is promoting the DX (Digital Transformation) movement in Japan particularly in the real estate industry.

How did you hear about Tellus?

With DG Communications supporting the Open Network Lab Resi-Tech, an open innovation program in the real estate industry sponsored by Digital Garage, there was a strong potential in Tellus when the company won the Special Award in the first phase of the program.

Tsuna Shinnosuke, Sales Division staff from DG Communications

How would you rate Tellus?

The starting point was the advanced ability to acquire vital information without the need for a wearable. We look forward to working with Tellus and their strong solutions to solve not only issues within the caregiving industry but also within the corporate and real estate business.

Why did you decide to work with Tellus?

We believe that Tellus could provide value to nursing care staff and businesses in caregiving facilities by reducing their workload and digitally transforming their operations, with one strong aspect in using the most advanced radar technology to determine heart rate, respiration rate, and room occupancy without contact.

Tsuna Shinnosuke from DG Communications interacting with the Tellus device and dashboard interfaceHow much interest do you see for products like Tellus?

We are very interested in solutions that have the potential to create new value and solve social problems, especially in the caregiving and real estate industries. Since there is a lot of cutting-edge information coming through Digital Garage’s Open Network Lab Resi-Tech program, we are very impressed with the level that Tellus is capable of achieving from a technological perspective.

What do you think the opportunity is for Facilities to use Tellus technology?

We see the shortage of workers as a serious and recurring issue in the caregiving industry and we believe that Tellus’ solutions can be used to reduce the workload of staff in a short period of time. If we include the caregiving record application that Tellus is currently developing, in the near future, it has the potential to bring enormous value by revolutionizing facility’s operations and caregiving methods within the industry mid to long term.

Tellus product logging app interface for mobile deviceWhat do you think the opportunity is for Tellus continue to sell in Japan?

If we include the caregiving record application that we plan to provide in the future, it will be a one-stop solution for the nursing care industry.

*Content of the interview from September 2021


Caregivers are heroes

At Tellus we believe caregivers are a heroes,
and our goal is to improve your day-to-day and empower you to be your best.

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